Jest to robak rozprzestrzeniaj膮cy si臋 poprzez internet jako za艂膮cznik zainfekowanej wiadomo艣ci e-mail. Szkodnik ma posta膰 pliku PE EXE o rozmiarze oko艂o 27 KB i zosta艂 stworzony przy pomocy 艣rodowiska programistycznego Microsoft Visual C++.

Zainfekowane wiadomo艣ci wygl膮daj膮 nast臋puj膮co:

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    All people!! 
  • Tre艣膰:
    Dear ladies and gentlemen!
    The given letter does not contain viruses, and is not Spam.
    We ask you to be in  earnest to this letter. As you know America and
    England have begun bombardment of  Iraq, cause of its threat for all the world.
    It isn't the truth. The real reason is  in money laundering and also to cover up traces
    after acts of terrorism  September, 11, 2001. Are real proofs of connection between
    Bush and Al-Qaeda  necessary for you? Please! There is a friendly dialogue between
    Bin Laden and the secretary of a state security of USA in the given photos.
    In the following photo you'll see, how FBI discusses how to strike over New York to lose
    people as much as possible. And the document representing the super confidential
    agreement between CIA and Al-Qaeda is submitted to your attention. All this
    circus was specially played to powder brains!! You'll find out the truth.
    Naked truth, instead of TV showed.
    For your convenience, and to make letter less, all documentary  materials
    (photos and MS Word documents) are located in one EXE file.  Open it, and all materials will 
    installed on your computer. You will receive the  freshest and classified
    documents automatically from our site.
    It isn't a virus! You can trust us absolutely. We hope, that it will open your
    eyes on many things occurring in this world.
  • Za艂膮cznik: 11september.exe

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Podczas instalacji szkodnik kopiuje si臋 do folderu systemowego Windows z nazw膮 synchost1.exe i tworzy klucz auto-run w rejestrze systemowym:

ICQ1 = %Folder Systemowy%synchost1.exe

Oryginalny plik robaka (z kt贸rego zosta艂 on uruchomiony) jest usuwany.


Robak wysy艂a wiadomo艣ci e-mail do wszystkich u偶ytkownik贸w zapisanych w ksi膮偶ce adresowej programu MS Outlook, wykorzystuj膮c bezpo艣rednie po艂膮czenie z serwerem SMTP

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