LostFriend (rodzina)

S膮 to niegro藕ne, rezydentne wirusy paso偶ytnicze. Przechwytuj膮 przerwanie 21h i dopisuj膮 si臋 do uruchamianych plik贸w COM oraz EXE.

W kodzie wirus贸w zapisane s膮 teksty:

Daniel, why did you have to die so young ?
I will never forget you my friend!
Your ashes in the wind,free to travel anywhere,a soul out of a dead
bodylike a bird rising so highaway reaching the blue sky,to a place called
paradise,your first step to eternity,leaving behind pain and misery.
[LOST FRIEND] 1995 by CoKeTo LYNN, my love, and to MANDY, a true friend !