Jest to niegro藕ny, rezydentny wirus wielocz臋艣ciowy. Przechwytuje przerwania 13h oraz 21h i dopisuje si臋 do 偶膮danych plik贸w EXE, a tak偶e do sektor贸w startowych dyskietek oraz sektor贸w MBR dysk贸w twardych.

W pewnych okoliczno艣ciach wirus wy艣wietla tekst:

hello! This is <Lung-Hua 1.0> virus.
Don't worry, It's just a virus, It never damages your computer,
It's written by a Lung-Hua's student.
This is a test, I just want to know how far as virus can reach
and how fast as virus can sprend.
Specilly thanks to Dark Slayer (we are close friends), He teaches
me so many virus skills, This is my first virus, It's a quite
simple virus.
At last, I want to say "Hay! Teachers, Don't down a lof of
students, If you down them, They will very sad and cry, so... Don't
make their heart break."
PS.1. I recommand the assembly language's teachers, I hope you can
teach students "How to write viruses".
2. please send your comment to network (CC2 server, set file name
to, If you are supervisor, please set it to read
only and keep it many days, I'll receive it on the server)
3. keep my name "Blue Rose" in your mind, watch out my next virus,
I'll be back, Enjoy my first virus now, Have fun! :)
Blue Rose of TPVO (a sweet little girl) - 1995.06.18